Electric buses and e-mobility solutions to be prevalent at InnoTrans 2018

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Bus manufacturer Solaris will be amongst many demonstrating electric buses and the accompanying technologies at InnoTrans 2018.


Credit: InnoTrans

InnoTrans 2018 will have a section focused on the technology and innovation which continues to develop electric buses.

The Bus Display at InnoTrans offers vehicle manufacturers a combination of a static display and the possibility to demonstrate their vehicles on the approximately 500m-long circuit: the Demonstration Course, directly in the centre of the exhibition grounds.

Solaris will be one of the exhibitors within this part of the trade fair, presenting both vehicles and technological solutions in the Sommergarten Bus Display.

The Solaris Trollino 12 is to be debuted in its new design in Berlin, alongside the articulated Trollino 18 and bi-articulated Trollino 24, as well as the power drives used, optional energy storage and charging systems.

The Solaris electric Urbino 12 will also be shown, with the latest solutions in e-mobility.

The manufacturer will present the latest technological solutions for heating, cooling and steering, focused on reducing energy consumption, as well as comprehensive investment, which includes not only the supply of buses and charging systems, but ensures the preparation of their installations including construction works.

Another novelty is the remote diagnostic system for electric buses called eSConnect. It enhances and supports diagnostic and maintenance possibilities and facilitates the analysis of specialist data derived from a vehicle.

In collaboration with the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) the International Bus Forum on the subject of electric mobility will be taking place during InnoTrans 2018 for the first time. 

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