Karhoo extends open ride-sharing platform to 51,000 vehicles

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Karhoo is further expanding operations in the UK and Europe and complementing existing territories across North America, Middle East and Asia…


Karhoo has announced recent integrations with Autocab, Cab Guru, Haulmont, iCabbi and Magenta Technology – some of the largest UK Dispatch Management System (DMS) partners.

The integrations are part of the company’s goal to create a ride-hailing marketplace that brings together regulated, licensed taxi and PHV fleets from around the world in the form of an electronic platform which can integrate with other travel and leisure operators’ platforms and apps. This would enable users to call a taxi immediately or pre-book transport up to one year ahead.

Having signed with over 300 taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) companies across the UK, Karhoo’s open network now represents a total of 51,000 cars.

Partnering with legally accredited fleets ensures public safety and allows customers to compare choices based on their own criteria, whether it be brand, price, ETA or type of vehicle.

The host of new fleets now integrating with Karhoo will benefit from the increased demand provided by their platform, as well as the chance to secure access to major contracts through Karhoo’s demand partners.

Karhoo is a subsidiary of Flit Technologies, an organisation formed in 2017 that provides on-demand urban mobility services. Headquartered in London, Flit Technologies brings together global platforms and payment technology services alongside urban data technology to create transparent and seamless mobility services.

Karhoo’s co-CEO, Boris Pilchowski, said: “In 2018, people expect and deserve as much choice as possible when it comes to booking a cab. By working with all of the major DMS partners, our customers will now have a range of options, the expanse of which has never before been seen in the ride-sharing sector.”

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