ToDler® – The small ticket machine making a big impact at Harrogate Station

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Rail travellers using Harrogate Station are the first in the Northern Rail network to benefit from an ultra-fast vending kiosk…

Rail travellers using Harrogate Station are the first in the Northern Rail network to benefit from an ultra-fast vending kiosk dedicated to the collection of train tickets bought online.

ToDler machine at Harrogate station The ToDler machine, developed by ticketing technology partner Parkeon, is located on the main concourse at Harrogate Station and has been installed to meet demand created by one of the biggest trends in the rail industry – the online booking of train tickets in advance of travel.

“An ever-growing proportion of rail tickets are being purchased through internet retail sites – including Northern Rail’s own online platform – and so we have decided to support our customers by providing a fast, collect-only ticket terminal,” says Ian Borthwick, Northern Rail’s Revenue Projects Manager.

“Harrogate is a busy station, popular with passengers travelling on long distance services, and our customers tell us they want easier and quicker methods of collecting their tickets. Because of this, Harrogate was the obvious choice to trial this new machine and the early figures show it is a welcome addition, with an average of 50 people using this machine every day since its introduction less than two weeks ago.

“ToDler is reserved specifically for the collection of tickets booked online. Its very fast print speed ensures that passengers receive their tickets quickly without having to queue at other self-service machines where other customers might be purchasing tickets, which obviously takes time. If this pilot proves to be successful, we aim to roll out ToDler technology to other stations.”

Parkeon’s ToDler technology is seen as an important way for train operating companies to optimise retail space in station areas.

Says Paul Moirano, Parkeon’s Sales Director for UK Rail: “Increasing numbers of people are booking online and picking up their tickets just before catching their train, so speed and convenience are of the essence.”

ToDler is the latest line in ticket vending machines developed by Parkeon – the company is also rolling out their latest generation Astreo and Galexio ticket machines across the Northern Rail network.

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