New TfL scheme aims to encourage Londoners to use e-bikes

Posted: 19 March 2018 | | 1 comment

Transport for London looks to e-bikes to overcome the barriers that stop many Londoners cycling, including fitness, age and journey length…

New scheme aims to encourage Londoners to use e-bikes

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a new scheme in conjunction with the Association of Cycle Traders, and a number of e-bike retailers, to help raise awareness of the benefits of e-bikes, and encourage more Londoners to cycle.

Research by TfL has illustrated that more than a fifth of people who don’t cycle are put off because they don’t think they’re fit enough, feel they’re too old, or feel distances are too long. E-bikes can help overcome these concerns as the power assisted bikes allow the rider to cycle further, and uphill, with ease.

A website has been launched to allow Londoners to benefit from exclusive discounts and improved access to e-bikes, focused on encouraging more to cycle.

Chris Mather, Chief Customer Officer at TfL, said: “E-bikes have the potential to get more people cycling. They are a great way of quickly getting around the city and, in turn, will help to cut congestion and tackle poor air quality. We are delighted to be working with the cycling industry to raise awareness of the benefits of e-bikes and look forward to seeing more journeys being made by e-bike.”

More than 100 stores are offering free test rides across the capital – meaning anyone can try an e-bike that suits them. TfL has also negotiated exclusive offers on e-bikes with many retailers, which are only available through the website.

E-bike user, Majonne Frost, said: “My e-bike has put me in control of my journeys. Traffic makes driving to work unreliable, but my journeys on an e-bike are a doddle. I can even cycle with my kids to school and carry on to work from there. I feel fitter and have saved hundreds of pounds in petrol.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Harrison, Marketing Director at the Association of Cycle Traders, explained why it was an easy decision to get involved with the project: “As the largest cycle trade organisation in the UK it was a no-brainer to get involved in the project.  By collaborating with TfL, specialist cycle retailers have an excellent opportunity to help increase e-bike awareness and usage across London. The new website allows retailers to promote what’s special about their shop, what e-bike brands they stock, details about e-bike demo rides and any e-bike offers available, helping customers to find the right shop for them. Ultimately, encouraging the use of e-bikes will increase consumer engagement and drive footfall into specialist cycle retailers, which is something the ACT always strives to do.”

The Mayor has committed record levels of investment to cycling in the capital, with £169 million per year being spent on average for five years on new infrastructure and initiatives to make cycling safer.

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  1. Eric G Craig says:

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