Formula 1 technology set for Singapore’s transport network

Posted: 16 March 2018 | | No comments yet

McLaren Applied Technologies and Singapore Mass Rapid Transit sign Memorandum of Understand to adapt Formula 1 performance optimisation technology for use in public transit…

Formula 1 technology set for Singapore's transport network

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with McLaren Applied Technologies to drive innovation in public transport.

The agreement will see McLaren’s technology company transfer its expertise in capturing, connecting and analysing data in Formula 1 to public transport for the first time. The initial agreement will focus on vehicle maintenance technology within SMRT’s train fleet, with the aim of developing a Proof of Concept that will be suitable for adoption across the globe.

In what would be a world-first for the industry, the companies are aiming to implement condition monitoring sensors and high-speed loggers, used in Formula 1, onto the first SMRT train to enable better performance monitoring by the end of 2018.

In a statement, the new partners stated the MoU is part of both companies’ commitment to improve the passenger experience by delivering a world-class transport service and lifestyle experience that is safe reliable and customer-centric.

“In Singapore, SMRT has been pioneering the development of rail condition-monitoring sensors to minimise disruption of our commuter service, optimising train performance by detecting and rectifying emerging defects early,” said Desmond Kuek, SMRT President and Group CEO. “We look forward to collaborating with McLaren Applied Technologies to elevate this capability further, combining our engineering expertise in rail with their proven capabilities harnessing sensors, telemetry and software in motorsport. McLaren’s motorsport technology will be adapted and installed on board our first Proof of Concept SMRT train later this year. When implemented fleet-wide, we expect to bring about enhanced safety reliability and comfort for commuters on our rail network.”

McLaren Applied Technolgies’ Acting CEO, Dick Glover, said that the company is excited to take this step and adapt “proven motorsport technologies to optimise fleet performance and provide continuous improvements to the passenger experience”.