Contactless ticketing trial extends to Sydney ferries and light rail

Posted: 12 March 2018 | | No comments yet

Cubic Transportation Systems has demonstrated how their contactless card technology developed with Transport for London, can be adapted for other transit systems as it is implemented across Sydney ferry and light rail network…

Australia’s contactless ticketing spreads to Sydney's ferry network

Cubic Corporation‘s trial of contactless ticketing in Australia will expand across the entire Sydney ferry and light rail network.

The open payment trial was developed by Cubic Transportation Systems‘ (CTS) business division and Transport for New South Wales. More than 15,000 passengers have used their Mastercard to tap and pay for travel across Sydney Harbour since the contactless trial began on the Manly Ferry service in July 2017. With this contactless trial extension, customers will now be able to use American Express and Visa cards to pay for their travel.

“In New South Wales, we know transport is no longer about infrastructure but also about embracing technology to provide the best services possible for our customers,” said Andrew Constance, NSW Transport Minister. “The integration of contactless transport payments into the Opal ticketing system makes the purchasing of one-off fares quick, easy and seamless, providing choice and convenience to customers.”

Contactless payments are expected to bring major benefits for both consumers and operators. The trial has demonstrated that the technology Cubic pioneered with Transport for London can be adapted to fit Australia’s environmental and regulatory conditions.

“The trial has been a very important test for this complex new technology and we are delighted that contactless will now be expanded further,” said Tom Walker, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of CTS Asia-Pacific.

Open payment will not replace Opal, which is now used by nearly 14 million people a week but will provide freedom of choice when it comes to paying for travel.

“Australians are keen adapters of technology and we expect to see a rapid adoption of contactless here,” said Walker. “In addition, Cubic is continually evolving Opal to take advantage of best-of-breed technology developments that the company is investing in and deploying around the world.”

Across London, more than 2.1 million journeys are now made with contactless ticketing on its bus, Tube and rail services every day.