Bus riders connected with RTPI in remote Austria

Posted: 7 February 2018 | | No comments yet

In remote Austria, real-time passenger information will be available to bus riders at the bus stops, keeping customers up to date with delays or route changes…

Austria’s bus service will have real-time passenger information systems

In Tannhei, on the border to Germany in the Austrian state of Tyrol, Papercast’s e-paper passenger information bus stop displays are being piloted.

The permanent replacement to paper timetables is part of an initiative to improve public transport service quality, by supplying real-time service data to passengers across Tyrol.

Papercast was selected for their design, functionality and ease of deployment. Whilst the initial display is mains powered with Wi-Fi, the displays are intended to stand-alone in more remote locations. Therefore the displays’ ability to operate around the clock using solar power and provide 3G mobile network connectivity was also a key deciding factor.

Launched in 2016, Papercast e-paper bus stop displays experienced innovative enhancements during 2017 and with increasing adoption around the world, e-paper is becoming the technology of choice in keeping passengers better informed at bus stops.

Buses were recently equipped with GPS location tracking and the resulting real-time arrival data needed to be made available to customers. Alfred Messner, Project Manager at Bayer Schilder Gmbh, a company working closely with Papercast, said: “Not only will this significantly improve the passenger experience, but it will remove the burden of changing paper timetables.”

The e-paper displays have characteristics including exceptional outdoor readability, even in direct sunlight and a low power consumption, meaning they can be perpetually solar powered. Coupled with wireless connectivity to the management platform and an innovative IP65 rated enclosure with secure fixing mechanisms, Papercast is easy to install and completely ‘off-the-grid’.

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