On-demand, driverless shuttles have arrived in North America

Posted: 1 February 2018 | | No comments yet

A recent partnership will enable the technology of automated shuttles to begin its integration into the public transportation authorities across North America, bringing accessible on-demand transport to the cities…

On-demand, driverless shuttles have arrived in North America

DemandTrans Solutions, an expert in mobility-on-demand technology, has partnered with EasyMile to provide efficient autonomous solutions to public transport agencies across North America.

With an accompanying customer-facing app, safe and seamless autonomous public transportation will soon be easily accessible in cities around North America. The non-exclusive partnership will enable transportation providers to offer an on-demand service to driverless shuttles.

DemandTrans Chairman, John E. Michel explained: “MobilityDR and Switch, our mobility-as-a-service technologies, function as automated mobility operators, seamlessly integrating legs of a trip to maximise the user experience. With the integration of EasyMile’s proven autonomous vehicle solution, our fused suite of demand responsive capabilities provides an end-to-end mobility solution right to a user’s smartphone.”

EasyMile already provides autonomous driving software and technologies for the first and last mile transportation of passengers and goods in various application sites including private areas, urban, suburban and rural environments. The driverless EZ10 shuttle has already been deployed in 20 countries, including Asia-Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe. 

“We are excited about this partnership because we believe it’s combining the best technologies to truly personalise the customer experience,” remarked Lauren Isaac, EasyMile’s Director of Business Initiatives in North America. “Customers expect to use their smartphones to get from point to point and now they can with an autonomous shuttle. We are confident DemandTrans can help us continue to demonstrate the tremendous flexibility and affordability our autonomous shuttles provide in making public transit more effective and efficient.”