MaaS demo suggests subscription-based car access is edging closer

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Spireon’s MaaS demo uses an open source platform which will supply customers with an innovative alternative to purchasing or leasing cars from dealerships…

MaaS demo suggests subscription-based car access is edging closer

Spireon, Inc., the vehicle intelligence company, has produced new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) capabilities called Drive On Demand, which it will demonstrate at CES 2018.

Spireon’s MaaS demonstration is built using Kahu, the industry’s first connected car solution specifically designed for dealers, and SmartDeviceLink (SDL), an open source platform for car connectivity. By extending Kahu with the vehicle data exposed by SDL, Spireon will have a unique MaaS capability that uses in-vehicle telematics to create a convenient and secure vehicle subscription service for consumers.

The demo of Kahu will feature the innovative car-sharing service, Drive On Demand, which will offer customers an affordable and secure alternative to purchasing or leasing vehicles from dealers.

Jason Penkethman, Chief Product Officer at Spireon, said: “The Drive On Demand concept introduces a compelling new consumer experience that can also create new revenue streams for dealers; attracting a wider customer base, which is critically important as consumer expectations and preferences evolve.” 

With Drive On Demand, new car dealerships could leverage their vehicle assets to offer a monthly subscription, allowing consumers to drive any car made available to them from a dealership’s inventory. Additionally, the service would allow consumers to drive the vehicle for much longer than a typical test drive and experience different models and trim levels before committing to a specific vehicle.

Spireon will demonstrate how consumers could use Drive On Demand to search, reserve and locate dealer rental vehicles and even unlock the doors to access the vehicle, all through the Kahu mobile app.

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