HERE Mobility launches hub to improve access to the world’s transport services

Posted: 10 January 2018 | | No comments yet

The HERE Open Mobility Marketplace connects global supply and demand for all mobility services, increasing exposure and demand for suppliers and allowing customers to easily compare their options…

HERE Mobility launches hub to improve access to transport services

HERE Mobility has launched the HERE Open Mobility Marketplace, a hub for smart, social and scalable mobility services. For service providers, the marketplace offers an opportunity to reach new customers. For consumers, it means greater choice and easier accessibility.

HERE Mobility, a new business formed by HERE technologies, aims to bring all public transportation options to one place. The choices of transport from taxis, car-sharing, air travel, rental services and buses are often only available through their individual apps, but the HERE Open Mobility Marketplace serves as a central hub, providing a single, consistent point of contact for all mobility service types to connect supply with demand.

There are huge technological gaps between the established providers and more recent entries. HERE Mobility endeavours to democratise the world of mobility by deploying products aimed at setting a new standard of mobility equality for all.

“We’re excited to form HERE Mobility, a business with a clear mission to transform the way we access and use transportation and mobility services,” said Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE Technologies.

HERE also launched the Mobility Dispatch, a real-time fleet utilisation and optimisation solution that easily connects fleet managers with their drivers, improving performance with increased demand and revenue.

The Mobility Dispatch is a technological solution based on advanced algorithms for demand prediction,  fleet utilisation and optimisation capabilities, and the harnessing of big data for insight and analysis to maximise each demand opportunity. This gives all mobility vendors the opportunity to compete in a crowded ecosystem.

“Mobility is at the core of our lives, and vital for businesses and consumers in the on-demand economy where standards and expectations have risen,” said Liad Itzhak, Vice President and Head of HERE Mobility.