Five-year agreement signed for new taxi technology in Texas

Posted: 5 October 2017 | | No comments yet

Taxi technology company KAPTYN INC. has signed a five-year agreement with Houston taxi company Taxis of Houston to outfit the Texas fleet with their NCWM/NIST certified smart meter and proprietary software platform.

Five-year agreement signed for new taxi technology in Texas

The platform is comprised of a first-of-its-kind taxi meter equipped with an open platform for ride hailing applications, dispatch systems, and payment and cashiering options.

Acting as the brain of a connected taxi, the meter collects, processes, and reports live trip data, while simultaneously functioning as a federally-regulated meter. The data is then consolidated into KAPTYN proprietary CabManager operating system, providing owners, drivers and regulators a comprehensive view of their operations, allowing for cashiering, shift tracking and performance data to be easily tracked and reconciled in real time.

“It’s great to add another key U.S city to the KAPTYN platform. Our commitment has always been to create a flexible and sustainable solution for fleets and drivers,” said Andrew Meyers, CEO of KAPTYN INC. “We are in over 90 per cent of the Las Vegas market and have been able to operate in parallel with the emergence of TNC’s. Our goal is for them to realize that pairing their mobile platform with our justified and proven supply chain is the right answer to the taxi ecosystem.”

The platform allows any mobile app to communicate directly and securely to dispatch the closest vacant, licensed taxi. Additionally, riders are able to push dedicated KAPTYN Taxi buttons in high-traffic locations that integrate into the dispatch funnel to immediately dispatch the closest car.

“Taxis of Houston is excited to partner with KAPTYN and improve the quality of our service,” added Michael Holt, President, Taxis of Houston. “As a taxi company, we have been quick to acknowledge that the industry needs significant changes following the disruptive entrance of technology driven companies. The KAPTYN and Taxis of Houston partnership will bring new, technology driven operational methodologies to Houston’s taxi service, providing additional income options for drivers and new service level heights for Houston riders.”