Kuwait to have its first electronic passenger information service

Posted: 5 October 2017 | | No comments yet

CITYBUS, a division of City Group Co. the leading transport operator in Kuwait, has announced that it is transforming bus transportation in the country with the first ever electronic passenger information service.

This new service, from Papercast Ltd (which is a leader in solar powered e-paper real-time passenger information systems) aims to redefine service standards in Kuwait. It will replace the traditional bus stop paper timetables with Papercast’s first ever deployment of the double 32” e-paper display and onboard service information screens, with a fully integrated GTFS real-time passenger information platform.  

The service also includes a transit management system for improved bus arrival accuracy and service performance management. Furthermore, in another first for Kuwait, it will also enable a brand-new mobile app in the new year.

We are delighted to be the first to introduce this technology, not only in Kuwait but across the GCC states”

“Getting accurate service information to passengers on time is transforming the service experience in cities around the world,” said Jamil Malik, Chief Operating Officer of City Group Co. “We are delighted to be the first to introduce this technology, not only in Kuwait but across the GCC states. We selected Papercast as they were able to provide an end-to-end solution with some of the most progressive technology we have seen. Furthermore, the Papercast e-paper displays are wireless and solar powered so we can easily install them without any power or infrastructure changes. It’s also an environmentally friendly solution.”

CITYBUS is the first public transport provider to introduce solar powered e-paper technology into the GCC states, with an initial deployment on four dedicated routes serving Kuwait International Airport.

The technology underwent six months of intense testing during which the e-paper display withstood extreme environmental conditions, with daily temperatures exceeding 48°C in the summer months combined with severe sand storms.

It is expected that this technology will be rolled out across CITYBUS’s new fleet over the next three years.

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