Motability Operations joins Urban Mobility Partnership to enhance passenger accessibility

Posted: 10 January 2024 | | No comments yet

The Urban Mobility Partnership welcomes Motability Operations, a key player in advancing accessible transport solutions for over 700,000 disabled individuals through its transformative Motability Scheme.

Motability Operations joins Urban Mobility Partnership to enhance passenger accessibility

The Urban Mobility Partnership, an initiative dedicated to advancing long-term solutions for urban mobility challenges, has announced that it has welcomed Motability Operations to its coalition. Renowned for delivering the transformative Motability Scheme to over 700,000 disabled individuals in the UK, Motability Operations has extensive experience in promoting accessible and independent transportation.

The Motability Scheme allows disabled individuals to lease a car, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, powered wheelchair, or scooters using its higher-rate mobility allowance. The scheme covers the vehicle, in addition to the insurance, breakdown cover and servicing, eliminating additional costs for the lessees.

As the transportation industry pivots towards electric vehicles (EVs), Motability Operations has pledged £300 million to ensure a seamless transition for its customers. The commitment involves actively collaborating with industry partners to find solutions that make EVs more accessible and affordable, thereby ensuring that no one is left behind.

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Ed Thomas, Head of Public Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement at Motability Operations, said: “We are excited to join a partnership with such a fantastic range of partners covering the breadth of the transport sector. At Motability Operations, we believe that the future of transport can only be successful if it supports everyone and we’re looking forward to being part of a coalition that is looking to make transport more accessible for all users.”

The Urban Mobility Partnership, comprising prominent names such as Stagecoach, Dott, Brompton Bike Hire and Trainline, welcomes Motability Operations as a valuable addition to its team. The partnership aims to work collaboratively with local and national governments to develop and implement policies that address congestion and transport emissions.

The partnership is set to play a crucial role in shaping a future of mobility that prioritises the needs of all users, fostering accessibility and independence for disabled individuals in their daily lives, whether commuting to work, accessing education, healthcare, or engaging in social activities.