Transdev invests €4.5 million to expand Aveiro Bus electric fleet

Posted: 14 December 2023 | | No comments yet

Transdev’s €4.5 million investment in Aveiro Bus’ fleet includes the introduction of 10 advanced electric buses, expected to reduce the city’s annual carbon footprint by 383 tonnes.

Transdev invests €4.5 million to expand Aveiro Bus electric fleet

Credit: Transdev

Transdev has announced that it has invested €4.5 million to bolster the Aveiro Bus fleet with an additional 10 electric buses, marking a pivotal moment for the Municipality of Aveiro’s commitment to eco-friendly public transit. The new vehicles, which had been launched on 23 November 2023, are poised to reduce the entire Aveiro Bus operation’s carbon footprint by 383 tonnes per year.

Part of the investment includes a state-of-the-art charging infrastructure, setting new standards in Portugal. Five double chargers have been installed, accompanied by thermal cameras designed to detect potential initial fires, as well as strategic barriers to prevent the spread of flames.

One of the notable features of the electric buses is their extended battery capacity, enabling them to operate for an entire day and facilitating charging during off-peak hours. This not only minimises operational costs for Transdev but also alleviates stress on the electrical grid.

Beyond environmental benefits, the new AveiroBus fleet prioritises passenger safety and comfort. Equipped with a blind-spot detection system, the buses aim to significantly reduce the risk of accidents on urban roads. Furthermore, these electric vehicles produce no noise or polluting emissions, making them a sustainable and pleasant choice for urban commuters.

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The Municipality of Aveiro has been progressively embracing sustainable mobility, having introduced its first three electric buses in 2018. With the recent expansion, Aveiro now boasts a fleet of 14 zero-CO2 emission vehicles.

Mayor José Ribau Esteves said: “CMA has made several investments in terms of sustainable mobility, namely with the new 100% Portuguese electric ferryboat, which will connect São Jacinto, in Aveiro, and Fort da Barra, in Ílhavo, and which is currently undergoing testing. Guaranteeing that Aveiro City Council will continue its work in terms of mobility and sustainability, so that the Municipality continues to be a reference in these areas.”

Sérgio Soares, CEO of Transdev Portugal, sees this investment as a significant step towards enhancing the quality and comfort of public transportation in Aveiro while making substantial energy and climate savings. He has stressed the importance of strengthening public transport supply as a key strategy in combating climate change, urging society to promote and understand the necessity of transitioning from individual to public transport.