E-scooters in the UK show time and cost efficiency, reveals Voi survey

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With 36% of riders deeming e-scooters as the most efficient mode, Voi Technology’s latest survey highlights the rising prominence of this mode of transport as a time and cost-effective travel solution in the UK.

E-scooters in the UK show time and cost efficiency, reveals Voi survey

Credit: Voi Technology

A recent survey conducted by Voi Technology reveals that e-scooters are emerging as a key solution for time and cost-efficient travel in the UK. The annual global user survey highlights the growing popularity of e-scooters among riders, with 36% considering them the most efficient mode of transportation in terms of both time and cost.

The survey, which is an email based survey sent to Voi users who has taken a ride in the last six months, indicates that 28% of respondents find e-scooters particularly useful when in a rush, showcasing the practicality of this emerging form of transportation. Riders praised e-scooters for their comfort, sustainability and overall enjoyment, with a significant emphasis on their efficiency and convenience.

Furthermore, the survey sheds light on changing transportation habits, indicating that 27% of UK users have completely abandoned cars, while 42% use them less frequently, opting for e-scooters instead. This shift signifies progress toward more sustainable urban transport solutions.

The primary reasons cited for using e-scooters include commuting to social events (54%), travelling to work or higher education (43%) and navigating during work hours for appointments or other professional reasons (36%).

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The survey also notes a 17% increase in e-scooter usage among individuals over 45 years old in the last year, challenging the perception that this mode of transport is solely for younger demographics. Three-quarters of respondents agreed that Voi and micro-mobility, in general, contribute to a more sustainable world.

Matthew Pencharz, Voi Head of Public Policy for UK, Ireland, and France, said: “Using an e-scooter is a great way to get around without causing congestion or pollution. They’re safe, affordable, sustainable and convenient and it’s great to receive positive feedback from those who use them regularly, helping us to make the case for them becoming a permanent feature that can help transform UK towns and cities into cleaner and healthier places to live.”

However, concerns about sustainable transport legislation delays have prompted a global coalition of investors and micro-mobility technology CEOs to warn the Prime Minister of potential negative impacts on the UK’s attractiveness to green technology companies. Since the introduction of rental e-scooters in England three years ago, Voi alone has facilitated over 34 million journeys by 2.3 million riders, contributing positively to the environment and local economies.

The survey underscores the substantial investment in the UK market through e-scooter trials, with benefits ranging from job creation to technological advancements. In addition, research indicates a significant economic boost to local high streets due to increased retail activity stimulated by e-scooter usage.

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