NSW TrainLink coach service trials free satellite Wi-Fi and signal boost

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Passengers on the NSW TrainLink coach service can now enjoy a trial of free satellite-based Wi-Fi and advanced mobile signal boost technology for improved connectivity during their journeys through remote areas.

NSW TrainLink coach service trials free satellite Wi-Fi and signal boost

Credit: Transport NSW

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) has announced that passengers travelling on the Dubbo to Broken Hill NSW TrainLink coach service will now enjoy uninterrupted connectivity during their journey, thanks to a trial of free satellite-based Wi-Fi and advanced technology aimed at enhancing mobile phone signals.

Multiple cellular repeaters have been strategically installed on-board the coach, which makes the daily return journey through the Australian outback. These repeaters are set to significantly bolster mobile signal reception in areas with historically low coverage. By re-transmitting mobile signals, this technology will benefit customers of Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, ensuring a more reliable communication experience.

In addition, passengers travelling through areas with no cellular coverage will also have access to free Wi-Fi, made possible through a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in-motion satellite network. This innovation allows passengers to enjoy up to 600MB of complimentary data throughout their journey.

The trial period will span just over a month and is the result of a collaborative effort between Transport for NSW, NSW TrainLink and the NSW Telco Authority. NSW TrainLink aims to leverage this trial as a proof of concept to assess how passengers are utilising these technologies and to explore the possibility of extending them to other services within the regional coach network.

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The Dubbo to Broken Hill coach services, facilitated by Bus Biz, will make stops at various towns along the way, including Narromine, Trangie, Nevertire, Nyngan, Cobar and Wilcannia.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Jenny Aitchison, said: “The trip between Dubbo and Broken Hill takes around nine hours each way through remote areas rife with black spots, meaning mobile phone reception could be patchy and phone data-based internet connectivity unreliable. Regional and remote communities are sadly often stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide, but this exciting trial aims to reduce that divide while delivering a better, more convenient public transport experience in the outback.”

This development marks a significant step towards bridging the digital divide in remote areas and enhancing the travel experience for all passengers on the Dubbo to Broken Hill coach service.

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