Kinetic and Translink partner to enhance bus passenger experience

Posted: 2 October 2023 | | No comments yet

Kinetic partners with Translink to transform the public transport experience in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions, expanding the successful Network Officers programme from North Queensland to South East Queensland.

Kinetic and Translink partner to enhance bus passenger experience

Credit: Kinetic

Kinetic has announced that it has partnered with the Department of Transport and Main Road’s Translink Division (Translink) to revolutionise the public transport experience on buses throughout the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions. The primary goal of this initiative is to encourage more individuals to opt for public transportation, thereby reducing car dependency and promoting sustainable commuting.

Building on the resounding success of the introduction of Network Officers in North Queensland’s bus networks, Kinetic and Translink have expanded this programme to South East Queensland. This expansion sees the deployment of 21 new Network Officers who will become the “friendly, familiar faces” greeting passengers as they embark on their journeys.

Martin Hall, Kinetic’s Executive General Manager for South East Queensland, said: “Since Network Officers have been introduced to our bus networks in South East Queensland, the feedback from both passengers and bus drivers has been overwhelmingly positive. This reflects our experience in Cairns and Townsville, where for two years, they have been active in the community, assisting travellers, fostering stronger connections with schools and community groups, and re-shaping perceptions of buses as a preferred mode of travel.”

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Notably, this initiative is funded by Translink and aligns with Kinetic‘s central Operations Control Centre and security teams. Under public transport legislation, Network Officers have the authority to enforce travel conditions and issue infringement notices for offenses such as fare evasion.

In addition to their core responsibilities, these new Network Officers will also engage with the public at various events, schools and other community engagements to educate individuals about the bus network and how to use it effectively.

Over the past two years, Kinetic has successfully introduced Network Officers in Cairns, Townsville, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Melbourne. These partnerships with government entities are aimed at encouraging more people to embrace bus travel while feeling safe and confident in doing so.