Lewisham Council and Lime partner to enhance dockless e-bike scheme

Posted: 21 September 2023 | | No comments yet

Lewisham Council and Lime are joining forces to enhance the dockless e-bike experience in the borough, with a key focus on improving operations and ensuring responsible parking in designated bays.

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Credit: Lime

Lewisham Council has announced that it has launched a new partnership with Lime in order to expand and improve the operation of dockless hire bikes while addressing issues associated with inconsiderate parking.

Under this partnership, Lime will introduce a system that mandates riders to park their dockless e-bikes in designated bays situated across the borough. This innovative approach will significantly reduce problems arising from irresponsible parking practices, ensuring a more organised and user-friendly experience.

Key highlights of the partnership include:

  • Designated Parking Bays: Lime riders will now be required to park their e-bikes in designated bays throughout Lewisham. This measure will prevent riders from concluding their journey without parking in a designated area, thereby eliminating haphazard parking and cluttered pavements
  • Prompt Removal of Obstructive Bikes: Lime has pledged to address any issues with obstructively parked or discarded bikes. When reported, Lime will remove these bikes within 12 hours, reducing potential hazards and maintaining clean streets. In cases where bikes pose an immediate obstruction or danger, they will be removed within a remarkable two hours of reporting.

Councillor Louise Krupski, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Action, said: “Dockless hire bike schemes are a great way to promote active travel, provided they are managed properly. By agreeing to this new partnership with Lime, we can support people in Lewisham to make more journeys using hire bikes, as well as addressing existing issues with inconsiderate parking and discarded bikes.”

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Manish Kharel, General Manager for Lime in London, said: “Demand for shared e-bikes in London is at a record high, and Lewisham is no exception. It’s really promising to see more residents choose greener, active transport options to connect around the borough and city. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Lewisham Council to launch this new service, including the introduction of designated parking bays.”

The implementation of this scheme will take place in phases across Lewisham starting in September 2023. The introduction of designated parking bays will be carefully orchestrated, ensuring they are strategically located, clear of pedestrian walkways, and based on Lime’s trip data to guarantee their placement in areas of high demand.

Residents who come across obstructively parked Lime e-bikes can report them directly to Lime through [email protected] or by using the Love Clean Streets app.