LA Metro’s LIFE programme reaches milestone of 250,000 enrolments

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With over 250,000 enrolments, the LIFE programme remains a crucial resource for low-income residents in Los Angeles County, offering them essential access to public transportation and financial relief.

LA Metro

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) has announced that its Low-Income Fare is Easy (LIFE) programme has surpassed 250,000 enrolments. The LIFE programme, launched in an improved form in 2019, provides a lifeline to qualifying residents of Los Angeles County by making public transportation more accessible and affordable.

The programme has been a resounding success, delivering over 17 million free or deeply discounted rides across 13 transit systems since late 2021. To qualify for the LIFE programme, applicants must be 18 years or older with an annual income of $44,150 or less, or a family of four with an income threshold of $63,050 or less. Minors can enrol with an adult as the head of the household. New participants receive a free 90-day pass, followed by the option to load 20 free rides or purchase discounted passes from participating transit agencies.

Los Angeles Mayor and Metro Board Chair Karen Bass said: “Public transportation is an everyday lifeline for Angelenos, and as a result of the LIFE programme, we’re helping make Metro more accessible and affordable for L.A. County residents.”

Enrolling in the LIFE programme is straightforward, with options including email, mail, in-person registration, online, or at designated community locations and events. LA Metro has collaborated with 24 community-based organisations since January 2022 to promote and disseminate programme information. A successful pilot programme with the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) has also led to over 13,000 enrolments through case worker outreach.

LA Metro reports increased ridership and enhanced services

LA Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins said: “Transportation is the second largest household expense behind housing, and we’re committed to reducing those costs for families. Our work continues as we strive to enrol even more people in the LIFE programme through partnerships with community-based organisations and local governments.”

The LIFE programme operates through two administrators: FAME Assistance Corporations and the International Institute of Los Angeles (IILA). These partners collaborate with over 150 agencies to support enrolments, outreach efforts and the distribution of transportation subsidies, including taxi vouchers, which help riders access essential services like doctor visits, shelters and food banks.

LA Metro is committed to expanding the programme’s reach and impact in the coming years, ensuring more residents can lead affordable lives with improved access to transit.

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