Madrid Metro Line 9 re-opens with enhanced accessibility features

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The re-opening of Metro Line 9 represents a significant stride in Metro de Madrid’s journey towards creating an inclusive and accessible transportation network that serves the needs of all residents and visitors.

Madrid Metro Line 9 re-opens with enhanced accessibility features

Credit: Metro de Madrid

Metro de Madrid has announced that it has re-opened Metro Line 9, connecting the Colombia and Príncipe de Vergara stations, following extensive renovation work that had taken place throughout August 2023.

As part of the renovation efforts, significant improvements have been made to enhance the infrastructure’s integrity and passenger safety. Key areas of focus included waterproofing systems, ceilings and interior finishes at several critical stations along the line, including Núñez de Balboa, Concha Espina, Cruz del Rayo and Avenida de América.

One of the most critical aspects of the project was the removal of asbestos from various vaults and technical rooms within these stations. This initiative is part of the broader Madrid underground network’s Asbestos Removal Plan, which had commenced in 2018 and is projected to conclude in 2028. The plan boasts a total investment of €170 million, with over €62 million already expended on asbestos removal from trains and facilities.

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In addition to these safety enhancements, the renovation work aligns with the Metro de Madrid Accessibility and Inclusion Plan. Under this plan, 10 lifts have been installed to improve accessibility for all passengers. Furthermore, new emergency exits have been established, and all signage has been updated to enhance the overall experience for commuters.

During the construction period, the Community of Madrid had provided a free alternative bus service for Metro users, ensuring that passengers could navigate the city with minimal disruptions. This temporary bus service closely paralleled the impacted section of the underground network, providing a seamless alternative for travellers.

The re-opening of Metro Line 9 signifies a significant milestone in Madrid’s commitment to modernise and improve its public transportation infrastructure, providing safer and more accessible options for its residents and visitors alike.

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