Cabify survey reveals popularity of motorcycle rental services in Spain

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With moto-sharing on the rise in Spain, Cabify’s survey findings offer key insights into the changing preferences and motivations of both motorcycle riders and non-riders, reflecting a growing interest in sustainable urban transportation.

Cabify survey reveals popularity of motorcycle rental services in Spain

Credit: Cabify

A recent survey conducted by Cabify among over 4,000 users in Spain has shed light on the growing trend of motorcycle rental services, commonly referred to as moto-sharing. The survey explored the social perception and usage patterns of this transportation option.

The survey found that one-third of motorcycle enthusiasts in Spain are now opting for moto-sharing services. While a significant 80% of those surveyed use motorcycles for their urban commutes at least once a week, 15% rely on them more frequently. Surprisingly, even though the majority of respondents (72%) own their own motorcycles, a substantial number are turning to moto-sharing for its affordability, availability and proximity benefits.

The respondents cited several reasons for choosing moto-sharing over traditional motorcycle ownership. Foremost among these was the greater agility offered by moto-sharing, allowing riders to navigate city streets and reach their destinations faster. In addition, the ease of parking these shared vehicles played a crucial role in this choice.

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While 53% of respondents expressed no preference between combustion engine and electric motorcycles, 43% showed a strong inclination towards fully sustainable, electric options for their urban travels. This suggests a growing awareness and acceptance of eco-friendly mobility solutions.

The survey also examined the attitudes of non-motorcycle riders towards moto-sharing. A surprising 21% of non-riders expressed an interest in using this alternative mode of transport in urban settings, and this number increased to 30% when considering riding as a passenger. However, several barriers to adoption had been identified, including perceived safety concerns (46%), a lack of a driver’s license (31%) and general discomfort (23%). In total, 40% of non-riders expressed willingness to consider using motorcycles if they were provided with proper knowledge and the opportunity to learn how to ride them safely.

Cabify‘s survey’s findings also underscored a broader issue – a perceived lack of road safety education in cities. A striking eight out of 10 respondents, encompassing both motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists, recognised the need for improved road safety education within urban environments.

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