Uber enables emission tracking feature and accelerates green goals

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Uber introduces a range of new features including emission tracking, commitment to zero emissions deliveries and smart charging capabilities, as part of its efforts to become a global zero emissions mobility platform.

Uber enables emission tracking feature and accelerates green goals

Uber has announced that it has introduced a new feature that allows passengers to personally track the emissions that they have avoided by choosing zero-carbon rides. This development is part of a series of updates aimed at making it easier for riders to embrace environmentally friendly transportation options worldwide.

The innovative feature, called Rider Emissions Savings, will be integrated into the Uber app and will track the amount of CO2 that riders have prevented by opting for trips through Uber Green and Comfort Electric. By incentivising riders globally to make environmentally conscious choices, Uber hopes to accelerate the adoption of green transportation.

Furthermore, Uber has announced its commitment to achieving emissions free Uber Eats deliveries worldwide by 2040, alongside its goal to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste from restaurants by 2030. To achieve these targets, the company will collaborate with organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Cooltra and Human Forest to facilitate car-free deliveries.

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These initiatives build upon Uber’s existing pledge to become a zero emissions mobility platform in London by 2025, in Europe and North America by 2030, and globally by 2040. With operations spanning over 10,000 cities and facilitating approximately one million trips per hour, Uber’s efforts to enable its 130 million users to adopt greener practices will have a positive impact on cities worldwide.

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber, said: “Driving down emissions is the defining challenge of our generation, and every day we make dozens of choices that impact the planet, from the food we eat to the transportation we choose. While our personal values guide these decisions, convenience does too, which is why Uber is making it easier for millions to make greener choices, one ride and delivery at a time.”

To further support EV drivers, Uber is developing ‘Smart Charging’ features that employ machine learning to recommend optimal charging times and locations, enabling drivers to maximise their earnings. In addition, drivers will soon have the ability to filter trip requests based on their battery levels, ensuring a seamless charging experience.

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