Victorian government’s new ticketing contract to enhance passenger experience

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Victoria’s public transport network is set to undergo a transformative upgrade as a new ticketing contract is signed, promising enhanced accessibility and payment options for passengers through the modernisation of the myki system.

ticketing Victoria's public transport network set for modernisation as new ticketing contract signed

The Victorian government has announced that it has signed a new ticketing contract aimed at improving the myki payment system. The contract, spanning a period of 15 years, will introduce several advancements and provide passengers with additional travel options throughout the state.

The Minister for Public Transport announced the selection of Conduent Business Services as the next operator of Victoria’s public transport ticketing system. This strategic partnership aims to ensure that the myki system becomes more efficient and effective in the years to come. By leveraging established technologies available in the market, the system will undergo modern improvements to enable safe and seamless access, usage and payment for all transportation users.

To facilitate a smooth transition, the existing myki or V/Line ticketing system will remain unchanged. Passengers will retain the ability to purchase and top-up myki cards at train stations, retail agents, online platforms and over the phone, as they have always done. However, in the future, incremental enhancements will be introduced to enable passengers to conveniently tap on and off using their credit or debit cards, as well as make payments through digital wallets on smartphones or smartwatches. Trials for these new features are set to commence in 2024.

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Over the past seven years, the Victorian government has made significant strides in improving the myki system under the existing contract. Notable enhancements include the introduction of mobile myki on Android devices, instant top-ups through the PTV app, including the use of Apple Pay, and the installation of state-of-the-art myki readers at numerous locations. These improvements have simplified the system and made it more user-friendly for passengers.

Furthermore, the implementation of the government’s regional fare cap on 31 March 2023 has resulted in substantial savings for passengers across the state. This initiative has transformed the way people travel, making public transport a more affordable and accessible option for Victorians.

The new ticketing contract is scheduled to commence on 1 December 2023. From that point forward, passengers can expect a gradual introduction of new features and enhanced ticketing options, ensuring a smooth transition to a more convenient and user-friendly system for purchasing travel tickets across Victoria’s public transport network.

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