New initiative boosts public transport access for people with hidden disabilities in Wales

Posted: 23 March 2023 | | No comments yet

The ‘Confidence to Travel’ project aims to support those with hidden disabilities by using videos to identify challenges that they may face while planning and accessing public transportation and showing them the help that is available.

New initiative boosts public transport access for hidden disabilities in Wales

Credit: Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales (TfW) has announced that a new project aimed at providing help and encouraging those with hidden disabilities to use public transport has been celebrated and hailed a success.

Provided in partnership with Conwy Valley and North West Wales Coast Community Rail Partnerships, Tape Music and Film, Creating Enterprise and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the ‘Confidence to Travel’ project offers videos and podcasts for those with hidden disabilities, so that they feel more confident using public transport. The videos give a realistic experience of what someone with a hidden disability may go through when trying to use a bus or train, and show what help and support is available.

Deputy Minister for Climate Change, with a responsibility for transport, Lee Waters said: “We want everyone to feel confident, safe and secure when using public transport, so I am delighted that this new initiative is already proving to be a success in encouraging more people to travel sustainably.”

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Mel Lawton, TfW Community Rail Manager, North Wales, said: “At TfW we want to encourage more people to use public transport and part of that challenge is understanding the obstacles that some people face. Many people in our communities suffer with non-visible disabilities and mental health issues, and for these people, planning a journey and using public transport can be a daunting task. ’Confidence to Travel’ aims to support people with these anxieties and the videos identify the challenges they face while taking them through a journey on public transport, step by step, showing what help is available.”

Nadine Davies, Wales Group Director DWP, said: “We are rolling out these fantastic training tools across the whole of Wales, to enable Work Coaches to better understand some of the anxieties faced on a daily basis by some of our customers before they even leave the house. Work Coaches can use the tools with customers who experience such public transport anxieties as inspiration and to help build confidence, resilience and motivation.”