Dubai’s RTA and Keolis sign MoU for community initiatives

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The Memorandum of Understanding will see RTA and Keolis work together to enhance regional and international community initiatives, while promoting co-operation towards serving the community.

Dubai's RTA and Keolis sign MoU for community initiatives

Credit: Roads and Transport Authority

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Keolis-MHI, the company responsible for operating and maintaining the Dubai Metro and the Dubai Tram.

The agreement is part of RTA’s Strategic Plan 2023-2030, which calls for enhancing tolerance, collaboration and corporate reputation. It also highlights the dedication of both parties to promoting co-operation and integrated efforts towards sharing experiences in serving the community.

“The MoU signifies a joint commitment to shared goals between the two parties, including the exchange of essential information relating to supporting community initiatives and exploring novel ideas,” said Yousef Al Redha, CEO of Corporate Administration Support Services Sector at RTA. “The MoU outlines the responsibilities of RTA in developing a strategy for regional and international community initiatives. This includes identifying beneficiaries, allocating a budget for each initiative, assessing the satisfaction rating, measuring the deliverables, and exploring the potential for their long-term sustainability.”

The authority has pledged to promote volunteering within the community by encouraging individuals to engage in charitable and humanitarian activities during the Islamic month of Ramadan. This includes the distribution and preparation of Iftar (breaking fast) meals and Ramadan Rations, as well as volunteering in events and activities organised by RTA across the city.

In addition, RTA has established the RTA foundation as a means of providing charitable social services and promoting social security initiatives as part of its social responsibility towards various segments of society. The foundation functions through MoUs in co-operation with government, private and charitable entities.

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Launched in 2017, the RTA foundation has introduced several initiatives aimed at supporting financially unstable RTA employees. It contributed to referring humanitarian cases to competent charitable organisations.

By contributing five million United Arab Emirates (UAE) dirhams, the foundation has extended its support to the 100 million meals campaign. Furthermore, the RTA foundation has made overseas contributions by supporting the UAE Water Aid initiative for providing safe drinking water. The authority has also donated funds to drill 10 wells in 10 countries, which benefited 10,000 individuals.

The MoU sets forth the duties and responsibilities of Keolis, which includes collaborating with RTA to implement the community initiatives plan. Keolis is also responsible for liaising with the relevant authorities and proposing developmental solutions for the success of such initiatives.

Wallace Weatherill, Managing Director at Keolis MHI, said: “The MoU signed between Keolis and RTA represents a significant step towards promoting the company’s fundamental principles of endorsing charitable work and volunteerism. At Keolis, we highly commend the practices of social responsibility that cater to diverse segments of society, such as students, people of determination and senior citizens.”

Previously, RTA had partnered with Keolis to implement a range of community initiatives that targeted school and university students. These initiatives included providing laptops to students who frequently use the Dubai Metro and Tram, as well as supplying school furniture to under-privileged families to support their children’s education. RTA had also co-operated with Keolis during Ramadan to distribute Iftar meals.

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