Keolis North America continues partnership with Foothill Transit

Posted: 3 March 2023 | | No comments yet

The four-year contract extension will see Keolis North America continue to operate services in Pomona, California, with a key focus on prioritising safety, the passenger experience and the transition to renewable energy sources.

Keolis North America continues partnership with Foothill Transit

Credit: Keolis

Keolis North America has announced that Foothill Transit has awarded it with a new contract to continue operating services in Pomona, California, further reinforcing its position as a partner of choice for transit in North America.

The four-year contract extends Keolis’ maintenance and operations activities and will prioritise safety, partnership, the passenger experience, on-time performance and the continued transition to renewable energy sources. As part of this contract, Keolis will continue to maintain and operate 147 vehicles which operate on either electricity, compressed natural gas or hydrogen.

Furthermore, Foothill Transit is in the process of introducing a fleet of 33 hydrogen-fuelled buses and is commissioning a 25,000-gallon hydrogen fuelling tank at the agency’s Pomona Yard. Thus, as part of its proposal, Keolis has committed to sharing best practices from its global Center of Excellence for Energy Transition in supporting Foothill Transit’s zero-emission bus fleets.

“Foothill Transit’s continued partnership with Keolis helps streamline our transition to a fully zero emissions fleet and more sustainable transit,” said Foothill Transit Executive Board Chair Corey Calaycay. “Our collaboration is good for our customers and our region.”

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Keolis had previously been awarded an eight-year contract in 2017 to implement its passenger-centric approach to operations and maintenance. In 2022, Foothill Transit re-defined the terms and duration of the contract due to market conditions and economic realities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new contract puts both companies in the best possible position to deliver safe and reliable service to passengers and promote the personal and professional development of employees. 

“We are pleased Foothill Transit has recommended to continue working with Keolis for four years, and that the board gave its unanimous support,” said CEO of Keolis North America David Scorey. “This contract will support Foothill Transit’s goal of a 100% renewable fleet by 2030, a model for the industry.”

In selecting Keolis for this contract, Foothill Transit emphasised the company’s strong local team combined with a high level of corporate support, robust staffing plans, quality of vehicle and facility maintenance, as well as strong commitment to safety and security.

Keolis’ operations for Foothill Transit include 14 local routes within the San Gabriel Valley and four express routes to downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena.