IndyGo awards bus pass grants to 79 non-profit organisations

Posted: 13 January 2023 | | No comments yet

In addition to making public transportation more accessible, IndyGo’s free bus passes will boost equitable access to essential services for more than 27,000 Marion County residents.

IndyGo bus passes

Credit: IndyGo

The Indianapolis Public Transportation Foundation (IndyGo Foundation), with support from the PNC Foundation, has announced that it has awarded more than 27,000 bus passes to 79 local non-profit organisations to increase access to public transport services for Marion County residents.

The free passes will assist vulnerable residents through the IndyGo Foundation’s Mobility Access Fund in an effort to decrease financial barriers in their access to public transportation and to assist them in seeking employment, food, healthcare and other essential services.

“Bus passes are one of the greatest needs of non-profit organisations and the easiest way to provide clients with immediate assistance,” said IndyGo Foundation Executive Director Emily Meaux. “The bus pass grants have become a hallmark of the IndyGo Foundation, and we are thrilled to expand the programme this year (2023) to serve more in our community.”

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The latest round of support has enabled the distribution of 1-day and monthly bus passes. This is the largest number of passes that have been distributed since the programme’s inception in 2021.

Jason Eckerle, PNC Regional President of central and southern Indiana, said: “Finding transit solutions for underserved populations in our city is not just about economic empowerment, it is about equitable access to help them improve their quality of life, economic mobility, workforce development, health and wellness and other socially enriching services.”

The 2022-2023 bus pass grant period is currently closed, however, IndyGo has stated that non-profit organisations can apply to receive a discount on bus pass purchases.