Half-time: Scheidt & Bachmann’s modernisation of VGF’s ticket vending machines in Frankfurt

Posted: 7 May 2014 | Scheidt & Bachmann | No comments yet

The modernisation of “Frankfurt am Main Transport Company” (VGF)’s ticket vending machines is rapidly progressing…

The modernisation of “Frankfurt am Main Transport Company” (VGF)’s ticket vending machines is rapidly progressing. Based in Mönchengladbach, Scheidt & Bachmann has been the system supplier for this project since it began in 2013. In the past 15 months, more than 350 units have been rebuilt. VGF’s main requirement is the gradual rejuvenation of 600 ticket vending machines at tram and bus stops and in subway stations in Frankfurt.

The newly upgraded ticket vending machines are of the latest technology and meet the demands of today and tomorrow’s ticketing requirements. These upgraded machines come with an integrated touch screen for increased passenger convenience and a cashless payment reader for Girocards and credit cards. But one of the most important new features is the integration of the (((eTicket Germany. Thanks to Scheidt & Bachmann smart card terminals, passengers have the opportunity to purchase eTickets at a ticket vending machine, which was not possible with the old equipment. This means that VGF now offers a new distribution channel for electronic tickets.

“The new upgrades and user friendly features for the ticket vending machines are very popular with our customers,” says Matthias Jost, Head of Customer Service and Sales of VGF. “The deployment of the modernised machines has been very successful and timely. We are pleased that our entire fleet will be upgraded very soon.”

Upgrading our fleet with modern retro fits, rather than buying a completely new system, is by far the best option. “With the decision to modernise our existing infrastructure, we can not only guarantee a fast conversion, but also make enormous savings,” said Mr. Jost.

VGF has around 2,000 employees and more than 350 vehicles. As a transport company and city traffic service provider, they offer mobility for the residents, commuters and tourists of the fifth largest city in Germany. In 2012 more than 160 million passengers used VGF’s nine metro and ten tram lines.

Since it was founded in 1872 Scheidt & Bachmann from Mönchengladbach has grown to be a renowned global player. The international systems provider is one of the world’s market leaders in innovative systems solutions for mobile living.
As a highly-experienced partner to providers of public transport services, the company brings both its many years of experience and its eye on future trends and requirements in the fare management sector to the industry.