NTA’s investment in public transport grows to over €532 million in 2021

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In line with its commitment to improve public transportation in Ireland, the National Transport Authority’s increased 2021 investment represents a 78 per cent increase on the previous year.

Investment in Public Transport by NTA grows to over €532 million in 2021

Credit: National Transport Authority

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has published its Public Transport Investment Report for 2021, which reveals that its funding for the Public Transport Investment Programme has increased to €535.2 million. This represents a 78 per cent increase on 2020 and a 6-fold increase since 2012.

The funding has been allocated amongst the various projects and programmes in the Capital Programme which is broken down as follows for 2021:

  • Heavy Rail Safety and Development – €238.8 million 
  • Bus Programme – €199.6 million   
  • Park and Ride – €1.9 million
  • Light Rail – €60.5 million
  • Accessibility – €7.6 million
  • Transport Technology – €13.2 million
  • Integration and Support Projects and Services – €13.4 million.

Some of the key achievements from 2021 include the opening of the new train station at Pelletstown, Dublin, the construction of the National Train Control Centre building at Heuston Station and the initiation of the Cork Area Commuter Rail Programme.

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Funding for NTA’s Public Transport Investment Programme is set to grow further in the coming years, with funding commitment to key capital public transport projects and programmes outlined in the new National Development Plan (NDP) 2021 – 2030, published in October 2021.

The NDP sets out ambitious plans to enhance public transport, active travel options and the connectivity of communities, setting out €35 billion investment in transport over the next decade, the largest investment in transport in the history of the state.

CEO of NTA Anne Graham said: “The increase in funding for the Public Transport Investment Programme shows our commitment to improving public transport in Ireland, sustainability and accessibility. A number of major projects were either completed or had commenced in 2021. Three-hundred-and-seventy bus and coach vehicles were acquired and all 26 tram extensions and 8 new trams were fully delivered and operational by Q2 2021 for the Luas Green Line Capacity Enhancement project. It’s our aim that the combined Public Transport Investment Programme will continue improve the transport offering for those choosing alternatives to the private car as a mode of transport in the many years to come.”

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