WeGo Public Transit announces measures to enhance rider experience

Posted: 29 July 2022 | | No comments yet

In order to improve the rider experience, WeGo is making city-wide enhancements to its public transport services, including the installation of a new bus shelter and improved technology for riders using the Transit App.

WeGo Public Transit announces measures to enhance rider experience

WeGo Public Transit has announced the completion of its 250th bus shelter at 600 Revels Drive, adjacent to Faith United Missionary Baptist Church. The project is part of an ongoing effort to increase safety and improve the rider experience.

“In 2014, we had 109 sheltered stops within our system,” said WeGo CEO Steve Bland. “We celebrate the installation of our 250th shelter with more than two dozen more under development. We will be breaking ground on a new North Nashville transit centre this fall. There is another centre in development for Antioch. We are continuing to make enhancements across Davidson County.”

“You realise why we need these shelters, they’re not just for rain. They can really help when it’s so hot out,” said Nashville Mayor John Cooper. “This project is part of the participatory budgeting process where the community is helping to determine how we spend money.”

The newly completed bus pad and shelter cost $28,600 and was part of the 2021 Bordeaux-North Nashville Participatory Budgeting Cycle.

Bridging transit gaps in Nashville with public transit and micro-mobility integration

In addition to the new bus shelter, WeGo has announced improved technology for riders using the Transit App, which provides riders with departure times and trip planning tools. The app uses the agency’s vehicle location data to generate even more accurate predictions of estimated vehicle arrivals, ensuring that customers don’t miss their bus. Furthermore, WeGo riders now have access to information that gives them an estimate of the rider load for an incoming bus.

“The Transit app gives WeGo riders accurate and current information and that’s important for people who are trying to get to work or home,” said WeGo Deputy COO Dan Freudberg. “Thanks to upgrades to WeGo’s data systems, vehicle positions now update every 15 to 20 seconds. And if a user is using the ‘GO’ feature in the app while riding the vehicle, the location updates every second or two.”

Alerts for route changes or detours have been a popular part of Transit. The new Transit Royale upgrade is free to everyone who uses the Transit app in the Nashville area.