Lime deploys new batteries to improve rider experience

Posted: 17 June 2022 | | No comments yet

With larger swappable batteries, Lime will improve the rider experience by reducing low battery rides and streamlining operations, with fewer trips to service fleets.

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Credit: Lime

Lime has announced that it will deploy new batteries with more than twice the power capacity as the batteries it currently uses. The new, larger batteries contain nearly 1kWh, a jump from 0.46kWh of its current batteries, which means more time riding between charges and fewer battery swaps needed from Lime’s operations teams.

The micro-mobility company is launching the new swappable batteries – which are compatible across its global fleet of Gen4 e-bikes and e-scooters, as well as the recently announced Citra Lime that is piloting in Long Beach, California – in a range of cities including Paris, Bordeaux and Long Beach in summer 2022, with plans to expand further.

This launch comes on the heels of initial testing Lime conducted over the past six months in San Francisco, Antwerp and Le Havre.

“At Lime, we’re focused on getting people to replace car trips with more sustainable transportation options, which is why we’re so driven to lead on innovation that makes our service more reliable for riders,” said Joe Kraus, President of Lime. “Our new batteries are a win-win for riders because they can ride for longer on a single charge and face fewer trips that end prematurely due to low charge. We also see improvements to our operations that cities care about – fewer van trips to swap batteries and more vehicles available charged and ready to ride.”

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The benefits of Lime’s new batteries are significant for riders and cities as results from initial testing of the new batteries show that riders travelled more than twice as far on a single battery charge compared to the micro-mobility company’s existing ones. This reduces instances of batteries running out of power mid-ride, disrupting a trip.

Riders using the new batteries also responded positively to the new experience, with higher average end-of-trip ratings than those using the traditional battery. Trip rating increases were even higher for trips that began on vehicles with 30 per cent or lower battery life. Lime’s new batteries can provide greater service reliability as well, with a greater share of charged vehicles available more often; and more organised streets, with fewer unusable vehicles with dead batteries awaiting swaps.

In addition, the new batteries allow Lime to reduce the impact of its operations on local streets. With fewer battery swaps needed, Lime operations teams can make fewer trips, allowing for a more sustainable service.