VIA and San Antonio BCycle partner to launch new integrated transit app

Posted: 9 June 2022 | | No comments yet

The new integrated transit app will enhance the customer experience by allowing VIA riders to book multimodal journeys more easily and conveniently through the Transit app.

VIA and BCycle partner

VIA Metropolitan Transit has announced that it has partnered with San Antonio BCycle to launch a new integrated transit app in order to enhance the customer experience by allowing them to book their travel more easily and conveniently using only one application.

Riders can now plan a bus and bike trip, purchase their VIA pass and unlock their BCycle bike in a matter of minutes. The integrated experience is provided through the free Transit app, which is available on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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“We are focused on enhancing our customers’ experience, including providing new, convenient tools that make it easier to choose and use VIA and all available public transit options,” said VIA President and CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt. “Partnering with the Transit app and BCycle to make it a seamless experience for our riders is part of the plan to use innovative transit technology that helps keep San Antonio moving.”

Thousands of San Antonians already use the Transit app every day to navigate the region’s public transit network. According to VIA, its riders have used Transit for ticketing on nearly 77,000 trips since the it launched fare payment in the app in August 2021.

VIA riders can now add bike-share passes and unlock bikes with their Transit account for San Antonio BCycle’s network of more than 50 stations and 250 e-bikes.

These services previously required users to download several apps and enter payment information into separate accounts. By combining these services in one app, VIA and BCycle are enabling their customers to move faster and more efficiently.