Kinetic announces acquisition of NZ Bus Ltd

Posted: 14 March 2022 | | No comments yet

With the acquisition of NZ Bus Ltd, Kinetic has become the largest operator of battery electric buses in the Australasia region, and one of the largest globally.

Kinetic announces acquisition of NZ Bus Ltd

Australian bus operator Kinetic has announced that it has signed a contract to acquire New Zealand bus operator NZ Bus Ltd. The acquisition will see Kinetic become the largest operator of battery electric buses in the Australasia region, and one of the largest globally.

Under Kinetic ownership, NZ Bus will deliver at least 200 electric buses as part of its contracts in Auckland and Wellington, with substantial investment made in depot conversion and electric charging infrastructure.

Furthermore, NZ Bus holds key government contracts to operate public bus services across Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga. Thus, the investment will allow Kinetic to diversify its New Zealand operation, which includes Go Bus, SkyBus and Johnston’s, as well as significantly expand its footprint across the country’s two biggest urban markets, Auckland and Wellington.

NZ Bus has over 1,400 people, 800 buses and 14 depots, adding to Kinetic’s 5,800 people, 3,800 buses and 83 depots across Australia and New Zealand.

Aligning with Kinetic’s strategic focus on sustainability, NZ Bus’s credentials will complement its experience and leadership in the region as the largest operator of zero-emission buses. In 2021, Auckland Transport announced the region’s largest electric bus order in partnership with NZ Bus. 

Through Go Bus, Kinetic already operates a fleet of 35 electric buses across Christchurch and Auckland. The bus operator is also introducing the first of 36 new battery electric buses in Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian government. By June 2022, an additional 20 electric buses will be delivered into Kinetic’s Queensland government contracted services.

Kinetic‘s Co-CEO, Michael Sewards, said: “Our sustainability targets are bold and clear as we aim to have 50 per cent of our fleet comprised of zero-emission vehicles by 2030. In our experience, New Zealand is leading the charge on the global stage in the transition to zero-emission buses, as demand for public transport grows and bus transportation is recognised as an increasingly popular mode of sustainable transport.”

NZ Bus’s CEO, Barry Hinkley, said: “NZ Bus has been transformed in recent years through the effort and dedication of an extraordinary team of people, from the senior leadership group through to hard-working drivers and workshop employees. Operating closely with our key customers, we have solidified NZ Bus’ leading position in the industry, a position that will be enhanced with the proposed merger with Kinetic’s Australasian business.”