St. Lucie County launches new app-based on-demand transit service

Posted: 7 March 2022 | | No comments yet

In order to improve access to sustainable and equitable mobility, St. Lucie County’s new ART On-Demand service will allow commuters to book free on-demand rides through an app within a designated zone.

St. Lucie county launches new app-based, on-demand transit service

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St. Lucie County has announced the launch of the new Area Regional Transit (ART) On-Demand public transportation service, which – for the first time – will allow all residents and visitors to book free on-demand rides through an app within a designated zone in Port St. Lucie.

With the goal to expand access to efficient, equitable and sustainable transportation in St. Lucie, the ART On-Demand service’s software integration will make it easier than ever for riders to travel car-free and support the region’s long-term commitment to innovation.

Powered by Via, the service will allow riders to book an on-demand ride – providing quick, efficient shared trips that give more flexibility than traditional transportation options with fixed routes and schedules.

As part of St. Lucie’s commitment to provide accessible transit for all, the service will include wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Riders can book ART On-Demand rides in three easy ways:

  • Download the ART On-Demand app from the Apple or Google Play app store, set up an account and book their trip
  • Book online on the service website
  • Call customer service, where a representative will help to create an account and book a ride.

“It’s exciting to watch our transit system continue to evolve by offering our residents convenient ways to access free public transportation,” said St. Lucie County Commission Chair, Sean Mitchell. “The more we embrace public transportation, the more we reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and help keep our carbon footprint smaller.”

“For several years, our citizens have told us that providing more mobility options should be a top priority in the city. As a result, the city council made this an important part of the city’s strategic plan,” said Port St. Lucie Mayor, Shannon Martin. “I am very pleased that St. Lucie County’s Area Regional Transit is helping us to achieve these priorities through the launch of this On-Demand programme. This programme will give all residents an innovative new option for moving around the city and county.”