HumanForest launches new payment package for London businesses

Posted: 12 November 2021 | | No comments yet

HumanForest’s new payment scheme will support London businesses by ensuring that last-mile deliveries can be affordable, accessible and sustainable.

HumanForest launches new payment package for London businesses

UK micro-mobility operator HumanForest has announced the launch of a new scheme allowing riders in London to use its shared e-bikes for their business needs.

The scheme appeals to a wide range of companies looking to find convenient, local, quick and sustainable delivery solutions – such as restaurants, retailers and food stores. This is the first such scheme to be launched across the UK capital city.  

The new offering has been designed alongside riders to create the most affordable and accessible e-bike solution in the capital for last-mile delivery.

For the first time, riders will have access to the green e-bike platform by purchasing bundles of minutes as and when they need them. HumanForest hopes that this will support the booming gig economy workforce of London.  

Businesses will be able to take advantage of the new fleet, insourcing deliveries with a carbon-neutral solution and helping them to reach more customers around the capital. 

It is hoped that the ability for businesses to take advantage of the sustainable e-bikes will support London’s clean air and net-zero ambition, helping to reduce the 100,000 tonnes of CO2 currently emitted every year across London.

The e-bikes have been specially designed to help to tackle congested and polluted roads. It comes as recent data has revealed a 47 per cent increase in the number of vans over the last 20 years, despite overall vehicle numbers having dropped by 11 per cent. 

Agustín Guilisasti, Founder and CEO of HumanForest, said: “The HumanForest e-bikes alongside our new delivery scheme is a real game-changer for London’s booming last-mile delivery sector and businesses looking to reach more people in a sustainable way. We have put riders at the heart of our e-bike delivery scheme, creating an innovative and affordable model that will revolutionise the sustainable delivery sector for both riders and businesses.”