Electric vehicle subscription service Onto partners up with Shell

Posted: 10 March 2021 | | No comments yet

Onto customers will now be able to access Shell Recharge charge points, which the subscription provider says will offer drivers more flexibility when making the switch to electric vehicles.

onto charging

Electric vehicle (EV) subscription provider Onto has partnered with Shell to give users access to over 3,400 EV charge points in the UK.

The new partnership means Onto customers can charge their vehicle at over 100 Shell Recharge charge points, and can access the remaining charge points through its 17 charging network partners, at no extra cost to their monthly subscription.

This includes over 950 rapid charge points, including the Shell Recharge and Ionity network of ultra-high power (350 kWh) charging points, as well as Shell Recharge rapid and high-powered chargers (50 kWh and 150 kWh), powered by renewable energy sources.

“We’re hugely excited to partner with Shell to offer our customers even greater access and choice when it comes to charging their electric vehicle on the go,” said Rob Jolly, Co-founder and CEO of Onto.

“Customers tell us that being able to charge their car for free is a popular component of our all-inclusive subscription, so we’re thrilled to improve this offer through Shell’s extensive network of charging points, giving users more flexibility and convenience than ever.”

Onto says customers can find their nearest charging station using the online map or via the ‘chargers’ button in the company’s app. Shell Recharge cards have been issued to existing Onto subscribers and cards are now being sent to new customers, providing immediate access to the Shell network.

“At Shell Fleet Solutions we are committed to helping our customers drive sustainable progress, wherever possible,” added Sarah Llewelyn, Head of Shell Fleet Solution.

“By providing Onto customers with access to our EV charging network, offering them accessible and convenient charging solutions on the go, we hope that we can help make their electrification journey as seamless as possible.”

Unlike traditional lease or rental agreements, Onto subscriptions are all-inclusive, meaning they offer free charging, maintenance, and insurance as part of the monthly fee. It says that this enables drivers more flexibility in making the switch to an electric vehicle.