RATP Group expands MaaS potential with Mappy acquisition

Posted: 3 November 2020 | | 1 comment

RATP Group acquires mobility and wayfinding company Mappy to bolster its Mobility-as-a-Service expertise and aspirations.

Mobility-as-a-Service concept - RATP acquires Mappy

RATP Group has acquired mapping company Mappy in a bid to bolster its Mobility-as-a-Service expertise.

Mappy is the number three in French wayfinding, behind only Google Maps and Waze. The acquisition comes as Mappy and RATP strive to become leaders in Mobility-as-a-Service across France, and also as 69 per cent of Île-de-France citizens say they’re interested in mobility apps. The Mappy team joined RATP’s ‘Smart Systems’ subsidiary on 1 November, according to a statement from RATP.

Mappy’s acquisition forms part of RATP Group’s strategy to enhance its digitally enabled mobility services, and together the companies will look to offer multimodal door-to-door journeys for customers. The first step in this will see the companies unify services into a single app where services can be booked and paid for simultaneously. RATP is looking to launch the app in 2021.

The acquisition brings benefits for both organisations. In Île-de-France, RATP’s digital services will now include full mapping of the region, plus walking and cycling GPS wayfinding and the ability to book and pay for trips on other mobility services. Mappy will now be able to integrate new partners and combine car, park and ride, and public transport services, plus booking and payment capabilities.

Hiba Farès, Director of Customer Experience, Services and Marketing for RATP, said that RATP is looking to set the benchmark for cities with its recent acquisition, giving itself the means to explore mobility opportunities in a new mobility market that is still in its early stages.

Meanwhile, Florence Leveel – Mappy’s Managing Director – explained that the acquisition represents a “new step” for the company: “Developing an ambitious MaaS service requires combining digital and technical expertise, data, payment solutions and after-sales service. By joining RATP Group, we’re giving ourselves every chance to realise our full potential.”

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One response to “RATP Group expands MaaS potential with Mappy acquisition”

  1. From mass public transportation infrastructure operator to mobility solution provider… even if the strategy looks driven by very frenchy-french considerations (like Viadeo used to be), it’s worth noticing that major companies like RATP are serious about a mobility “shake-up” !

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