Bird pilots new incentives to reduce travel and commuting costs

Posted: 30 October 2020 | | No comments yet

Bird Ride Pass, Commuter Pricing and Transit Parking Options enter the pilot phase of rollout to incentivise shared transport usage.

Bird Ride Pass in Bird app

Credit: Bird

Micromobility provider Bird is piloting three new schemes to incentivise e-scooter usage in a bid to help reduce travel costs.

The pilots come in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has drastically altered the way people travel and their attitudes to public and shared transport. Bird says that the number of trips taken by those who rely on its services for routine journeys is currently up 70 per cent.

The e-scooter operator is therefore launching Ride Pass, Commuter Pricing and Transit Parking incentives to help the cut the financial burden of travel, and also persuade people to get out of their cars.

Details on each of the pilots are as follows:

  • Ride Pass – a new pass that offers free weekly or monthly scooter unlocks for a fixed price.
  • Commuter Pricing – offers automatic discounts for anyone using a scooter during peak congestion times (Monday to Thursday from 4am to 6pm)
  • Transit Parking Incentives – designed for those who rely on Bird to complement a public transport journey, the new parking incentives will see users rewarded with ride credits for neat and orderly parking.

The pilots will be tested across various communities that Bird is active in, allowing the company to assess which options work best and where. Users will receive messages via the Bird app alerting them to any new features in their area.

Commenting on the new pilots, Bird’s Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer Rebecca Hahn said that they are designed to make scooters more accessible “exactly when riders need them most”.

“Whether you rely on public transportation to get to work or you’re trying to reduce the strain on busses and trains for those who do, Bird wants to help ensure that individuals have mobility options adapted to the new normal,” Hahn explained.

The ride pass, commuter pricing and transit parking options announcement comes only shortly after Bird’s expanded Community pricing programme. The programme brings 50 per cent discounts to low income riders, Pell grant recipients, select local non-profits and community organisations, veterans, and senior citizens.

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