Dubai Taxi reviews ideas in preparation for post-COVID mobility needs

Posted: 17 August 2020 |

Dubai Taxi held an online event to review idea proposals which aim to deal with the consequences of COVID-19 whilst maintaining quality services.

Dubai Taxi reviews innovative ideas in preparation for post-COVID era

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently held an online dialogue workshop, “Steps for Preparing for the Year After Coronavirus”, in a bid to examine the future steps needed to meet the needs of the post-pandemic era.

Abdul Mohsen Younes, Executive Director of the Rail Agency and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Taxi Corporation, Dr. Yusuf Al Ali, Executive Director of the Dubai Taxi Corporation, and a number of council members all attended the event.

Dubai Taxi explained that the workshop included two main axes: financial sustainability and excellent employment. 42 ideas were proposed to deal with the consequences of COVID-19, with flexibility and speed considered important aspects to any agreed plan.

The corporation added that it sought to extract innovative ideas, suggestions and solutions that had easy-to-measure impacts, in terms of making positive changes to working environments and quality of service. It also highlighted that the ideas had to include a strategy for developing action plans, policies and application mechanisms that cover future mobility needs.

Dubai Taxi stressed that it is imperative to make “rapid and decisive creative decisions” to ensure the best level of services are provided without compromising service or safety, and that the rapid adoption of a culture of change to deal with these exceptional circumstances will effectively enhance willingness to adapt in the long run, providing a potential benefit to future measures and systems.

“By preserving our strategic values ​​and goals, we will achieve the fastest recovery and growth in the future, and maintain the achievement of what we aspire to,” RTA wrote in a statement.