Helbiz to expand fleet with MiMoto acquisition agreement

Posted: 7 August 2020 |

The acquisition, which is currently in the first phase, will see mopeds, e-scooters and e-bikes become available to users.

Helbiz to expand fleet with MiMoto acquisition agreement

Micromobility firm Helbiz has announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire MiMoto Smart Mobility Srl (MiMoto), one of the the first Italian players in the e-scooter sharing market.

The agreement, which is the first step in the acquisition process of MiMoto, aims to implement a plan that allows the integration of platforms for using Helbiz’s electric vehicles (bicycles and e-scooters) with those of MiMoto (mopeds). The acquisition seeks to develop the first sharing application of electric vehicles with free floating operations that offer end consumers a wide range of vehicle types (mopeds, e-scooters and e-bikes).

“The importance of this agreement stems from the desire to promote and make available to cities an integrated electric mobility service through the synergy with a company with skills complementary to those of Helbiz and a business branch that saw 100 per cent turnover growth in 2019, with development in strategic cities for Italy such as Milan, Turin and Genoa,” said Salvatore Palella, founder and CEO of Helbiz.

“The next few months will see an acceleration of the transition to a new electric mobility. At Helbiz we are developing a business model totally in an ESG perspective, promoting the new environmental and social sustainability policies that the main cities in Europe, the UK and the USA are adopting; I believe it will be essential to promote agile vehicles capable of taking up little space in order not to see our cities blocked by traffic and pollution again.”

“This agreement is only a first step that will lead MiMoto to be acquired by Helbiz,” said the three founders of MiMoto. Alessandro Vincenti , Gianluca Iorio and Vittorio Muratore. “Together we have a complementary offer and resources. It will be challenging to accelerate the development of a business model focused on agile and green mirco-mobility services. The internationalisation processes and the review of the application are two immediate first steps that will see us engaged with the Helbiz team to allow our users to share electric scooters and e-bikes as well as our scooters.”