Modeshift Inc

90 Canal Str, Boston, MA 02114​



Modeshift is a US company that helps transit agencies modernize their user-facing technology and the underlying infrastructure – to improve efficiency, increase ridership and provide adequate, sustainability-oriented service. It is the only all-in-one digital mobility infrastructure platform that also gives the transit industry the tools to reduce their carbon emissions and aim for sustainability.

Modeshift is an all-inclusive, account-based fare collection platform that caters to the needs of cities of all sizes. Its digital infrastructure is cloud-based on Microsoft Azure: one of the most secure platforms available on the market. The system combines a robust back end with a full transit management suite and cleverly designed user-facing technology.

Modeshift’s approach is modular – we deliver only what the agency needs. All components of the system rely on our unique digital infrastructure to work in synergy, improving the public transit experience and helping achieve carbon neutrality goals. Our product consists of Account-based fare collection, Mobile ticketing, EMV – open loop payments, CAD/AVL, DRT, MaaS, Public Transit Validators, Analytics, and POS.

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