Smart Cities In-Depth Focus 2018

Posted: 7 June 2018 | | No comments yet

The world’s cities have changed dramatically in recent years due to rapid urbanisation. With more people living in city spaces than ever before, the need for effective transit networks is paramount.

Smart Cities In-Depth Focus #2 2018
  • What role do smart cities play in improving transport systems?
    In recent years, major cities across the globe have enthusiastically embraced the smart city concept, but definitions of the term – and the manner in which cities are becoming technologically ‘smart’ – vary enormously. Regardless, all cities that are working smartly have one thing in common: a focus on transport infrastructure and systems. Here, Construction, Energy & Projects Lawyer Stuart Pearson, from Capital Law, explores exactly what makes a city smart and looks at how cities across the globe are becoming smarter.
  • Digitalising transport in Russian cities: today and tomorrow
    Konstantin Trofimenko (PhD), Director of Centre for Research of Urban Transport Problems, Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy Studies, and Nikita Krupenskiy (PhD), a senior research fellow at the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, both at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, explain how digitalisation has been introduced to the cities of Russia and how its continued development is making city spaces and transport networks smarter.
  • Wide-scale deployment of new mobility services in smart cities
    Edwin Mermans, Senior Advisor, International Affairs at the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, Province of Noord-Brabant, and Tamara Goldsteen, Senior Project Manager Smart & Green Mobility, City of Helmond and Innovation Manager Europe for the Smart Mobility Office of the Province of Noord-Brabant, discuss the importance of the long-term European partnership being built for the adoption of new urban mobility services, and its impact on the future of smart cities.

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