Special Report: A Green Bus For Every Journey

Posted: 30 November 2016 | Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership | No comments yet

A collection of case studies showcasing the range of low emission bus technologies in use throughout the UK…


Buses reach into every corner of the UK, moving thousands of people through heavily congested cities and providing essential connections to our rural communities in remote areas of the country. Whilst we can’t accurately forecast what the technological future holds for driverless, shared, advanced vehicles, our future green buses will remain the most space and energy efficient method of transport for many journeys.

Here in ‘A Green Bus for Every Journey’, we show how the latest buses employing a range of fuels from biodiesel and biomethane, through a wide spectrum of hybrid options to full battery electric and hydrogen fuel cells, have been embraced by operators across the UK and are beginning to transform the sector. We aim to demonstrate how the combined and continuing efforts of industry, government and operators can deliver savings in fuel, emissions and money while dramatically reducing the environmental impact of this essential and efficient mode of transport. We are, however, only part way along the journey to fully decarbonising and cleaning the UK’s vital bus sector. Successful steps have been taken, as this report shows, but there is a need for continuing financial support from Government to progress with technology advancements, including fiscal incentives such as the influential Bus Service Operators’ Grant (BSOG) to continue to help the business case for operating low emission buses…


Prof. Aristotelis Naniopoulos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Athens

The challenge of providing public transport in rural areas is recognised across the world. Low population density and high car ownership make this a real issue.

Prof. Aristotelis Naniopoulos from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will chair the debate on possible solutions that could integrate into the MaaS platform at the Intelligent Transport conference being held in London on 31 October 2017…

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