Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) supplement

Posted: 25 February 2016 | Intelligent Transport | 1 comment

In this Real-Time Passenger Information Supplement, TfL’s Strategy & Planning Manager Silke Elvery offers insight to how London is improving the way passengers access information, plus Anders Borring-Møller from Movia Public Transport explains his organisation’s strategy to renew traffic information.

  • Every journey matters – a pan-TfL Customer Information Strategy
    Following a review of customers’ current and future expectations, Transport for London (TfL) is working on a long-term vision to improve how their passengers access information. Silke Elvery, TfL’s Strategy and Planning Manager, provides details of their Customer Information Strategy and how it supports the fact that customers ultimately want an empowered and easy experience – to feel supported, autonomous and in control of their journeys.
  • Traffic information? It’s created in the process
    Since 2012, Movia Public Transport in Denmark has been working on a strategy to renew its traffic information; a decision that followed customer studies which revealed that among the different elements of public transport, customers rate useful traffic information as a high priority. Anders Borring-Møller, Programme Manager, explains how Movia Public Transport moved forward with implementation.

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One response to “Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) supplement”

  1. Joe Vicente says:

    RTPIS is a very important factor in encouraging people to ride public transit.

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