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Traffic information? It’s created in the process

25 August 2016 | By Anders Borring-Møller, Programme Manager, Movia Public Transport

Of course, modern traffic information within public transport is digital, based on real-time and is technically complex. However, this article is more about the process and necessary, non-technical conditions relating to traffic information than it is about technology...


Intermodality supplement 2016

3 May 2016 | By

Dorthe Nøhr Pedersen discusses multi-modal travel promoted by public transport authorities; Peter Boulton looks at the delivery of effective and functional interchanges in Greater Manchester; and Ian Hall asks whether intermodality is a key element for urban mobility strategies...


Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) supplement

25 February 2016 | By Intelligent Transport

In this Real-Time Passenger Information Supplement, TfL’s Strategy & Planning Manager Silke Elvery offers insight to how London is improving the way passengers access information, plus Anders Borring-Møller from Movia Public Transport explains his organisation’s strategy to renew traffic information.