PARIFEX’s NANO-CAM: The cutting-edge speed and red light running camera

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Discover the pioneering NANO-CAM by PARIFEX – a compact speed camera revolutionising road safety with real-time detection of speed violations and red light infractions, all thanks to its 3D-LiDAR sensor.

PARIFEX’s NANO-CAM: The cutting-edge speed and red light running camera


The NANO-CAM is PARIFEX’s latest compact speed camera that is designed to improve road safety. It detects both speed infringement and red light running in any situation in real time. It is an innovative way to strengthen road safety, since it has recently become the very first speed enforcement system including a 3D-LiDAR sensor that is registered in compliance with the international organisation of legal metrology and French decrees worldwide.

A flexible solution for fixed and mobile use

You need flexibility, that is why the NANO-CAM is compatible with fixed and mobile use. It is as plug-and-play and user-friendly as possible, and the automatic calibration enables a quick installation anywhere that you want. At height on the shoulder of the road or on a movable tripod, it provides accurate vehicle identification and classification, and collects traffic data in real time, such as speed, dimensions, direction, distance of all fixed and mobile objects, including in heavy traffic. Moreover, it is highly resistant to extreme conditions and weather.

A reliable tool compatible with any environment

The NANO-CAM manages both speed enforcement and red light running through precise vehicle tracking and controls speed from 30km/h to 250km/h in any environment, such as highway, suburban and urban areas. The 360-degree view provides highly accurate detection of speeding violations, even on busy roads, and simultaneous discrimination of multiple targets: speed measurement, limits and vehicle tracking, even during lane change.

A non-invasive piece of equipment

The NANO-CAM sensor paves the way of the use of 3D-LiDAR technology for speed enforcement systems. Not only does it make the operator’s experience easier, it is easy to set up since it does not need any specific orientation, but it also enables a reduction in the civil engineering costs and the verification of facilities. Through a fast and unmatched processing time, this cutting-edge device enables users to collect more reliable data in any environment. It operates non-invasively, without the need to install loops or strips in the roadway of the intersection. The camera visually monitors the signal heads, which means that it is not necessary to physically connect the traffic lights to the monitoring system, which is a significant advantage for towns that want to equip themselves with this system.

Energy-saving design

PARIFEX is now moving towards innovative technologies that will further improve responsible behaviour on the roads to facilitate the co-existence of trucks, cars, motorbikes, cyclists, pedestrians, etc., on the roads. In parallel to these new features, PARIFEX is also working on the privacy and energy efficiency of our products. The use of a 3D-LiDAR sensor to detect the presence of vehicles allows for the activation of the camera and infrared projector only when an offending vehicle is present, which avoids filming and flooding the environment with light at all times. Similarly, the speed camera cabinets are double-walled to allow efficient air circulation, eliminating the need for air conditioning even in very hot climates. This special design significantly reduces energy consumption and, thus, CO2 emissions.

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