Shaping the future of transport in Dublin

Sorin Costica, Head of Operations at Dublin Bus, shares his concerns and ambitions for the future of transport in Dublin and highlights the importance of embracing technology – such as MaaS and Account-Based Ticketing – to encourage wider modal shift in order to achieve a more sustainable and attractive public transport network in the capital city.

Shaping the future of transport in Dublin

‘May you live in interesting times’, so the old proverb says, and we are indeed living in interesting times. There are a range of factors, both domestic and international, conflating to impact the transport sector in ways which I have never seen before.

All of this means that there is growing debate about the future of transport in Dublin. What will Dublin Bus be like in 20 years, when today’s children are in college, or trying to get their first job, or maybe thinking about starting a family? In 20 years, will today’s children be travelling in bus lanes where priority is time limited? Will they endure increased congestion and traffic jams that start earlier and end later? Or will they travel on zero‑emission buses, in 24-hour high priority corridors, to a city where the private car is no longer the dominant mode?

The answers depend to a great extent on the decisions that we make now about public transport and its broader eco-system.

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