Consumer-behaviour shifts: What is driving decisions on mobility and transportation?

On October 28 2021, Suzanna Mitrovich, Global Head of Automotive, and Anthony Bean, Senior Director of Sales, from YouGov joined Intelligent Transport for a webinar in which they conducted a deep dive into the present and future of mobility and transportation in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Following the webinar, the two speakers sat down with Intelligent Transport to answer some of the audience’s questions.

Consumer-behaviour shifts: What is driving decisions on mobility?

Do you think that the trends in your International Automotive Report 2021 will change as we emerge from the pandemic? 

There will be gradual adjustments as time goes by to account for any unexpected changes that might arise. In regard to personal driving behaviour change (away from ridesharing), that will likely change minimally, with the caveat that, over time, the public will likely become more accepting of sharing vehicles.

Cars are perceived now as a personal safe space, and that desire for personal protection in a safe space will prevail and is something to consider, even as the use of public transportation picks up again. Insights drawn from our findings show a strong correlation between the consumer safety of a personal vehicle, even when shared within a household, as opposed to the unknown risks that are associated with ride-hailing and public transportation, including psychological effects (such as anxiety). Ultimately, this will most likely lead people to be more hesitant to share vehicles with strangers.

Almost conversely, omni-channel retail use (online digital retail) will only continue to grow, and customers will increasingly expect more flexibility throughout their path to purchase when buying a car online, including a seamless integrated omnichannel experience, whatever the route (both online and offline) that a potential customer might choose.

On October 28, 2021, Suzanna Mitrovich, Global Sector Head of Automotive, and Anthony Bean, Senior Sales Director, from YouGov conducted a deep dive into the present and future of mobility and transportation in the United States, Canada and Mexico during a live webinar. 

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How do you see sustainability being managed by YouGov’s data?

Sustainability in the automotive sector encompasses a wide range of topics, from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and organisational sustainability in terms of production, all the way through to consumer usage of the automotive sector’s products and services.

YouGov’s Global Automotive Profiles – one of our syndicated data products – captures and provides living consumer data of the automotive industry, including electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids adoption, from speaking to thousands of consumers every day. These automotive sector insights enable automotive brands to understand the mobility sustainability attitudes in the market.

YouGov data enables brands to implement strategies resulting in the increase of the consumer adoption of EVs and hybrid vehicles. The data shows the month-on-month change of what consumers think, feel and want and, in turn, enable auto brands to best demonstrate the brand benefits most important to consumers – this increases usage, intent and consideration.

Given that global populations are rapidly aging, are transport professionals giving sufficient consideration to how their mobility needs can be met?

Transportation needs of the ageing population are not met holistically.

For example, the elderly population’s transportation needs aren’t being met in jurisdictions particularly where there is a desire to reduce personal vehicle mobility, with a push to use e-scooters, bikes, trams and buses – all forms of transportation that are not conditioned for this cohort. Even though our average lifespan continues to increase, it is still less likely to see an 85-year-old riding a bike to get to the train station, or even to their destination across town.

These sustainability-related initiatives do not take into account the elderly cohort who either cannot physically or simply will not adopt the forms of transportation that do not provide the comfort and perceived safety of a personal vehicle.

Are people willing to share their location data to enhance products/services, and do you feel that drivers will be willing to accept promotions/ads in their vehicles? If so, what do you think they’d expect to get in return for accepting ads/promotions?

Yes – if they get value in exchange, the data shows that people are willing to accept it. One caveat is that consumers must trust and feel safe that their data are being protected. Although there’s already wide acceptance of many websites who use our data in exchange for their use, such as Facebook or Google, this would need to be and feel even safer.

These answers were provided by YouGov’s Suzanna Mitrovich, Global Head of Automotive, and Anthony Bean, Senior Director of Sales. Watch their recent webinar outlining the consumer behaviour changes that are affecting automotive purchase decisions here.

Suzanna MitrovichSuzanna Mitrovich, Global Sector Head of Automotive at YouGov, is an automotive industry expert, with vast experience of driving change in the automotive industry with data insights and analytics. She is passionate about supporting OEMs and emerging companies through the digital transformation that is taking place in the automotive and mobility sectors. She has experience with working with teams across the world to deliver best solutions across the organisations, including marketing, sales, aftersales and retail. She has received two bachelor degrees (BA & BSC) and is currently an MBA Candidate. 

Anthony BeanAnthony Bean, Senior Sales Director at YouGov, comes to YouGov with over 16 years of experience in the Market Research industry. He started his career with J.D. Power and Associates, working in their Automotive Research Division, before joining Harris Interactive, Millward Brown, Toluna and The ISA Group. Using an expansive portfolio of products and services, Bean has been able to deliver world-class solutions to his clients, helping them to accomplish their research goals throughout the years. Bean graduated from Central Michigan University with a BSBA in both Marketing & Logistics and he has a concentration in Sales.