Why automate traffic enforcement?

Posted: 16 August 2021 | | No comments yet

With more road users than ever before, road safety is a major concern of transport agencies and authorities. Find out how and why automated traffic enforcement is helping to make roads safer with an evidence-based review from Conduent Transportation.

Speeding and red light running are significant problems that negatively impact the safety of everyone on the road. Fortunately, Conduent Transportation can offer a great deal of evidence-based research that shows driver behaviour is greatly improved by the automated enforcement of existing traffic laws. The National Academy of Sciences’ Transportation Research Board (TRB), for example, conducted a comprehensive assessment of automated speeding and red light enforcement in the U.S., including surveys and interviews with 350 jurisdictions across the nation. The study recommends agencies consider automated enforcement programs to help improve safety, noting that such programmes “should be open and transparent, motivated by safety concerns, have strong enabling legislation, and be repeatable to achieve success.”