Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 6 – Ed Schmidt, Wind Mobility

Intelligent Transport editor Luke Antoniou is joined by Ed Schmidt, CEO EMEA at Wind Mobility, to talk all things micromobility – from safety and collaboration with cities, to sustainability and passenger experience.

As micromobility services continue to sweep their way across the globe, we chat with Wind Mobility’s CEO in EMEA, Ed Schmidt, to get his take on one of the hottest trends in urban mobility.

During the discussion, Ed tells us why this is such an exciting time for new mobility and how we’ve got to where we are now, emphasising the role that technology has played along the way to create new modes that even five years ago were non-exsistent. As part of this, we also address “one of the classic questions”, according to Ed, in what kind of impact new mobility is having on mass transit, and how this is likely to develop.

Later, there’s discussion on Wind’s approach to implementing services and working with cities, with tips on how to do this safely and responsibly, not just for the sake of launching services in new locations, but also to attract and retain customers. Here, Ed details how in-house developments have helped Wind deliver more rugged, longer-life e-scooters to fulfill user needs.

From here, as we look at the choices available to customers and the various factors they now consider before deciding which mode to use, we talk sustainability and how operators’ responsibility to the environment doesn’t just stop at zero-emissions transport.

Finally, there’s also conversation around the sustainability of new mobility business models and how to plan for the future in today’s urban mobility landscape, as well as a look into what the future holds for Wind more specifically.


All content and information accurate at time of recording.